david hieatt

I run faster when I see someone walking towards me


I don't know why but I just do.

I don't want them to know if I am struggling.

Dumb, really.


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You're not alone. Is it a macho thing or just saving face?

PS. Please could you take a look at your RSS feed; it's been broken for a while now. Thank you.

will go fix

Hey Simon,
it's working again now.

Excellent. Now subscribed; you're nestled between Daring Fireball and Derek Sivers. Nice sandwich. Thank you.

Chest out, shoulders back, breathing slowly, running quicker - it's the only way to run when other people are watching.

...or if someone passes you while cycling, saving face by saying "hello" as if you're not even remotely out of breath. Yep, been there. Damn ego.

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