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I am not good at Email. But I am good at getting things done.

People who know me, know I don’t have much time for Email.I don’t reply to all of my Emails. And the ones I do reply to are as pithy as I can make them.In my book, one word replies are not rude, but are saving both the reader and the writer time.

I view Email as distraction from making things happen. I view getting things done as more important than having an empty in-box. I have bought all the apps to help me cope with Email. But they don’t work for me. It’s not them. It’s me.

“You can do anything, but not everything.”

I guess the point I am making is that Email is very efficient at using up a great deal of our time. It’s a super addictive distraction device that will stop us from getting stuff done if we allow it to.













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Hmm, just read this after sending you an email! I am currently on a mission to create beautiful vegetable tanned goat leather here in the UK and would love to ask you for some advice?

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