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Some Learning about raising money.

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I am no expert at this by any means. But here are some things to consider.


1, Find the slowest money you can find.

2, Split shares. A, Voting. B, Non-Voting

3, Sell Non-Voting.

4, Work like crazy to keep promises. Don’t make promises you can’t deliver on.

5, When raising money, ask for advice. When you need advice, ask for money.

6, Use investors for their wisdom as much as their money.

7, Meet up often. Have dinner with them. (I need to do this more)

8, Make sure they use your product, your service. Do they have an interest?

9, Long term thinkers are in short supply. Don’t compromise. Keep looking.

10, There will be setbacks. Your investors will appreciate bad news fast.

How to Build A Great Brand With Very Little Money. London. Nov 20th.

My Book: Do Purpose.

Photo by Jim Marsden.


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