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How To Build A Great Brand With Very Little Money'.

Feb 19th. London. £300.

There has never been a better time to start a brand. There has never been a cheaper time, either. But when everyone has the same free tools as you, how do you stand out? The answer is simple enough:  By learning how to use those tools with greater skill than anyone else. This workshop will give you some key insights into this.

How do you beat Goliath?  It won’t be by out-spending them. But it will be by out-thinking them. It will also come from understanding what you are going to change. Understanding your purpose and how to make that mean as much to your customer as it does to you. This workshop will give you some key insights into this, too.

I am not a theorist. I have built brands from nothing with next to nothing just by understanding a few key basic rules. I shares these insights with you on my course: 'How To Build A Brand With Very Little Money. 

What Will You Learn?

How to tell your story. 
How to give your brand a voice. 
How to get people to love your brand. 
The importance of 1000 true fans. 
The real advantages of being small. 
Is your idea going to change anything. 
How to put a moat around your idea. 
How to identify a niche before others. 
The importance of being first. 
How to fund it without losing control. 
How to build a great team without employing anyone.

How To Build A Great Brand With Very Little Money. London. Feb 19th.

My Book: Do Purpose.


A Manifesto of a Doer


1, If you find something that you want to change, you have two options. One, is to talk about the change you are going to make. Or, two, stop talking. And begin.

2, Avoid easy deadlines. Deadlines serve you best when they are short, hard and, at first glance, impossible. Urgency gets things done.

3, All teams want to be part of history. Have something big that you want to change. Your strength of purpose multiplies the teams stubbornness to get this thing done.

4, Focus on the task. If you are doing something that isn’t pushing the task forward, that is called a distraction. Distractions are plentiful. But distractions stop you from doing.

5, Obstacles will come your way. Guaranteed. Think of them as a gift. They will make you stronger. They will make you more creative. Rather than break you, they will define you.

6, Ideas change things. But ideas by themselves change nothing. An idea needs effort to make it happen. Do the work.

7, Leverage your energy. You can’t increase the number of hours in a day, but you can multiply their impact. Understand the power of the influencers: The few influence the many. Find your multiplier. The person, the organisation, the companies who can accelerate the change you want to make.

8, What you are doing is hard, but not impossible. Practice optimism.

9, What is your priority today? Ask yourself that each day. It’s your job to keep the main thing the main thing.

10, The energy available to get this done is directly proportional to how much it matters to you. Only commit to things that matter.

11, Perfection comes over time. Not at the beginning. Start where you are. But start.

12, Sprint. Rest. Sprint. Rest. Human’s get more done in bursts followed by rest. Getting things done isn’t about who does the longest hours, but who does the smartest hours.

13, 80% of your time is spent on things that you are not good at. 20% of your time is spent on the things you are very good at. In order to get more done, flip that.

14, Teams multiply change. Teams with a clear purpose, and a clear sense of the change they can make, get the most done.

15, Keep your energy for pushing forward. The past is done. Things out of your control cannot be changed. Energy spent being angry, jealous, or cynical is negative energy. Stay positive.

16, Make a plan. Then accept it can and will change. Making something happen is about being nimble and adaptable.

17, Say no. And say it often. You can do anything, but, alas, not everything. Focus.

18, Making things happen is fun. Making things happen that matter with a team as crazy as you is the best fun of all.

19, Little actions repeated relentlessly result in big change. Don’t underestimate the importance of ‘small’ multiplied by ‘often’.

20, Make a pact with failure early on. Respect it. But don’t fear it. If it occupies your mind whilst doing, it can stop you from winning. Trust yourself.

21, Even though you’re busy, make time to help others who are at the start of their journey. Give back. It will help you too.

22, Follow through. On the big things. On the small things. Create a habit of always following through. As habits go, it’s a good one.

23, If you are going to make change happen, make it a good one. This planet needs as many friends as it can get.







Yup, your dreams should scare you.

At the Do Lectures this year was a guy called Rohan Anderson. He is a grower, hunter and gatherer. He wrote the very successful book and blog: Whole Larder Love. He did an amazing talk at The Do and silenced everyone listening, which doesn’t happen too often.

After speaking to him I could tell he was on the edge of doing something that was incredibly important to him. But like all dreams that we keep to ourselves, sharing them with others is scary. Because we are vulnerable then, we can be judged and criticised. And we can fall flat on our face.

So it was so good to see that last week he had taken the big bold step of sharing that dream.

He wants Australia to eat healthier. It’s a good dream.


Here's his Do Talk.


I know, he will make it happen. He is a force of nature.

Here’s to the dreamers of the world. Because nothing changes without them.



A million trees

The best ideas get you to use your current behaviour to change something.


Create a campaign that supports Million Trees NYC’s mission to empower New Yorkers to plant and care for trees through the city, while at the same time modernizing their image and helping them reach their desired demographic. THE CHALLENGE: Making the Million Trees NYC brand stand out in an urban setting full of noise, lights and distractions, without changing their message or integrity.

Art Director Agnes Stenberg-Schentz Copywriter: Alexandra Arvidson Copywriter: Desire Engstrom

Honesty cuts through.

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Big corporations dominate.

They have more money.

They have more people.

They have distribution tied up.

So how can a small company stand out?

You can’t outspend them, that’s for sure.

But you can out-truth them.

So use honesty as your marketing tool.

It’s cheap.

It’s unusual. (Most big companies avoid it)

And perhaps most importantly, you don’t have to make it up.





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