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How To Build A Great Brand With Very Little Money'.

Feb 19th. London. £300.

There has never been a better time to start a brand. There has never been a cheaper time, either. But when everyone has the same free tools as you, how do you stand out? The answer is simple enough:  By learning how to use those tools with greater skill than anyone else. This workshop will give you some key insights into this.

How do you beat Goliath?  It won’t be by out-spending them. But it will be by out-thinking them. It will also come from understanding what you are going to change. Understanding your purpose and how to make that mean as much to your customer as it does to you. This workshop will give you some key insights into this, too.

I am not a theorist. I have built brands from nothing with next to nothing just by understanding a few key basic rules. I shares these insights with you on my course: 'How To Build A Brand With Very Little Money. 

What Will You Learn?

How to tell your story. 
How to give your brand a voice. 
How to get people to love your brand. 
The importance of 1000 true fans. 
The real advantages of being small. 
Is your idea going to change anything. 
How to put a moat around your idea. 
How to identify a niche before others. 
The importance of being first. 
How to fund it without losing control. 
How to build a great team without employing anyone.

How To Build A Great Brand With Very Little Money. London. Feb 19th.

My Book: Do Purpose.


Understand what you are selling.


This may sound obvious.

But it isn’t.

Look at what you are selling.

Ask yourself some dumb questions.

Take the Slow Bread Inc. (It doesn’t exist, but it will one day.)

It won’t be selling Wholemeal this, or Sourdough that, or Organic something or other.

Nope. It will be selling time.

Perhaps, the most important ingredient in bread.

And it’s what its competitors have taken out of it.

Progress, and a pursuit of better profits over better bread, has taken time from bread.

A simple basic like bread has a vital ingredient missing.

And sooner or later someone will put time back into bread.

So do we think apple is really selling iPads?

It is selling simplicity

Simplicity is complexity resolved


Tao of Tea

R0014590 (1)

1, If you do the small things well, you will do the big things well

2, Show respect for the person you are making it for. You should show all people an equal amount of respect.

3, There are no short cuts in life, making a cup of tea can teach you that.

4, You will only be as good as your last cup. Consistency is important.

5, Always have the right ingredients for the job and the right tools. Never skimp on either.

6, No matter how busy you are, you always need time for a break because everything gains perspective by putting some distance between you and your problems.

7, Always remember you are making tea for them. If they like weak tea don’t give them strong tea just because that is what you like.

8, Be open to new ideas. Maybe putting the milk in last has some benefits.

9, Don’t look for compliments about your tea. If they come, they come.

10, Don’t go to the trouble of making a good cuppa only to spoil it with cheap biscuits.


How to make a good cuppa.

1, boil fresh water.

2, warm both the teapot and the cups. (always use a teapot)

3, place one rounded teaspoon of tea per person. (and one for the pot)

4, as soon as the kettle has boiled pour the water on

leaves and stir.

5, leave for 3-4 minutes, depending how strong you like it.

6, add milk first to your cup

7, pour tea when ready.

8, phew.

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