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Do one thing well

It doesn’t sound much, does it?

But how many coffee shops have you been to that can’t make a cup of coffee? 

How many plumbers have you had who weren't much good at being plumbers?

And how many times have you bought something and thought 'I'll never buy that again'.

Yup,to do one thing well can take a lifetime to learn. 

Even making a simple loaf of bread can take ten years to master.

But the rewarding thing about business is that if you can do one thing 

well, it will be enough to keep you in business. 

So choose your thing carefully.

Find your love.

Find the thing you think you can shine at. 

Then work at it. 

And be prepared to keep working at it. 

Hone it. Push it. Master it. 

And in time you can say that you do that one thing well.

Evan Williams describes it as being narrow.

Google didn’t try do everything well. 

They did less. 

But they did it better. 

It had less on its search engine than others, but did it faster and more


Less is a good master.


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Hi David, just want to wish you all the very best on what you will be doing next!

Hope it gives you as much a kick as Howies did for us.

Any clues on what the project is??? Cheeky I know, but it's rather intriguing!!


can't say too much as you can understand

but, all be revealed come autumn

Hurrah, a blog :) Really looking forward to inspirational and educational posts in the future, and, like Geoff, I'll be sleuthing for clues about the future :) Good luck, we're patiently waiting.

I like what you've written here David. In my world there's a pressure to be jack of all trades, so many bit's of software that can be used for various tasks, editing, graphics, sound, colour grading etc etc. Be great if the TV and video industry valued individuals doing one thing really really well more. As the saying goes jack of all trades master of none.

I have this text printed out from a while ago and stuck in my little book of things to do, its basically a book of lists which is a bit ironic really thinking about it when i just need to do one thing well at the end of the day.
I do lots of things and am sporadic (actually even more than i thought), need to calm it down and keep coming back to that bit of paper. Thanks for keeping me on track. I like your blog, I have one too to keep a diary of stuff i like and make and Do but its in its early days at the moment. Take care x

good stuff mel.

Even if you don't do it well to begin with. Keep at it and you will soon be an expert.

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