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Hire Hunger over Talent.


In an ideal world you'd have these two things in one person. Alas, that isn’t always possible. So if you had to choose,  I would choose Hunger.

Hunger is always keen to learn. Always trying to get better. Hunger is always putting the extra hours in. Hunger doesn’t get lazy

Overtime Hunger works so hard at his thing that his Talent begins to match his Hunger.

And because he has had to work so hard at the Talent, he never takes it for granted. He is insecure about his Talent. So continues to work at it. He never loses the Hunger. So in the end his Talent grows even bigger than his Hunger.





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hi david, could you please let me know if you have a job for me at your future startup, if and when you start something? i'd love to work with you.

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