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learning from a runway


There is a point on a runway during take off that a plane reaches V1 speed. Once it passes V1 it has reached the point of no return. The point where the take off cannot be aborted. The plane has to take off. Or crash.



In order to determine its V1 speed every plane will factor in its weight, wind-speed, weather conditions, slope, length of runway etc. So although there’s not a physical line drawn on each runway, it’s there.


But when it comes to our lives, there is no calculation to tell us when the right time to do something is. No marker on a runway for us.


Instead we all wait for the right time to do something without ever having a calculation to tell us when the right time is. Is it the right time to start a business? Is it the right time to take another job? Is it the right time to chase our dream?


So what happens? We tend to defer. We put barriers up that give us justification for not doing these things. ‘The economy isn’t great right now’. ‘I’ve got a big mortgage to pay’. ‘I need a little more experience. ‘


We wait for the right time without ever knowing how to define ‘right’. The simple truth is that there is never a right time. The stars don’t all suddenly line up in one neat little row to show us the way. On the other hand, there is never a wrong time either.


It’s called a leap of faith for a good reason. It’s a risk. And the outcome is far from certain. And that is why we tend to put off these life-changing decisions.


So maybe the answer is to create our own false V1 markers in the runway.


Set it. Stick to it. And then say ‘what the hell’ and jump.


And hope you can build some wings on the way down.

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Hi David

Your post really resonated with me as one of the most common dreams experienced by high income high status employees is that they are trying to catch a flight at a frustratingly busy airport. They face endless delays such as being held up at security, losing their passport and finding the doors have closed once they get to the aircraft. This dream reflects their search for personal fulfilment and how it always seems to be frustrated by their job. They unconsciously know that they have to leave their jobs, but are being stopped by their need for security, requirement to have their status recognised and their fear that the opportunity will be closed to them when they eventually try to enter into it.

After one of these guys has taken a leap of faith and launched into a journey that is far more fulfilling, the most common dream is that they are trying to coax an airliner into the bigger sky. At first, the aircraft scrapes along, avoiding office buildings and other established structures, and then finally staggers into the air. The rest of the journey is a frantic blur of decisions and actions as they try to follow their true course and attempt to make a textbook landing. However, the dream often ends in a succesful crash landing some distance beyond the originally planned destination.

Well, aviation lore says that any landing that you can walk away from is a good one - so I'm look forward to hearing you call 'V2, positive rate of climb, gear up!'

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