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What's the plan Stan?

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Errrr. Maybe it’s better if we don’t have one.


When we sit down and write a business plan, or come up with a new strategy, it is done so without the customer being in the room. So really a business plan is another way of saying guess, a strategy is another way of saying hunch.  

We can’t say those words because it’s hard to get funding for a guess. And it’s hard to persuade a boardroom to back your hunch with their money.

Business prefers things to be precise, considered and deeply logical.  But that would be ok if only the customer were the same. But they are often unpredictable. And what should work, what looks great on paper doesn’t always work in the real life. Away from paper, that is.

The awful truth is we don’t know what will work. But we can’t admit that because that doesn’t make us look so clever. But that’s why we have to try lots of things.

 We need to adopt the idea of trying to fail faster. To try lots of new ways of doing something, to take risks, to experiment as if we don’t know the answer.

 And as we do this, something remarkable will begin to happen. We will start to stumble upon, chance upon, luck upon, something that actually works.

Something that on paper wouldn’t look like it would work, but for some odd reason will just strike a chord with the customer.

And then your business will just fly.

So maybe we just need to stop acting like we know all the answers and start walking in dumb each day.


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Samuel Beckett gave some great advice to anyone who is starting out on a new venture...

'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.
Try again. Fail again. Fail better.'

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