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Dear Puma,


Well done on the show box idea.

If you are on a mission to lead the sports industry on sustainability, and embed this into your very being, then have a think about doing a history tag range. (see below)

Lead the way, 

david hieatt

The History Tag – (David Hieatt)


Many of the great businesses of the next decade will

be about making information about our behaviors

more visible. — evan williams


I believe the best thing we can do for the environment is to make a product last longer. This led me to thinking that if something does last a long old time; it will be sold on one day or get handed down.


At that point its history of where it came from, what it did, and with whom, will all be lost. Currently, barcodes are not up dateable. They do not serve a purpose after the purchase.


So my idea was to do 'A History Tag' (like a barcode but up-dateable from a website or app) would be a good idea for those products that do last and human interest being what it is we always like to know its story.


So for example, imagine a well-made bag with a ‘History Tag’. This will allow the owner to update its history on a bit of The History Tag website. What they have been up to with their bag: its best day, its worst, its journeys, its fun times etc.


And, if that bag is ever sold on one day, or passed down, then, that history will go with them. The person who sees them in a second hand shop or is the person who they get handed down to can get their phone to read the tag and its history, so they know their story.


The reason I like The History Tag idea is because people like to know the history of things. I like there being a reward for making something to last. The History Tag brings the story of longevity of products and uses the power of the Internet to relay its life story.


The other reason I like the History Tag is because there is a reward for making things that last. It becomes a badge of honour for the people who own it and the people who made it. And it’s nice that its usefulness takes time for it to reveal itself. Which runs against the current need for instant gratification, which may not be such a bad thing.


The History Tag will be an open sourced movement.


Never owned by anybody. Controlled by the community.


A badge of honour for making something last.



David Hieatt - 2010




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History Tag is pretty close with Stickybits.com :)

If you have a TypeKey or TypePad account+Puma

@SavvyJustine - I have just the project for this - a bbc drama narrative meets enhanced ebook about the stories in objects - funnily enough was talking about burying the stories of the history of a chair for real just yesterday http://audioboo.fm/boos/226662-unpicking-history-the-chair

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