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Understand what you are selling.


This may sound obvious.

But it isn’t.

Look at what you are selling.

Ask yourself some dumb questions.

Take the Slow Bread Inc. (It doesn’t exist, but it will one day.)

It won’t be selling Wholemeal this, or Sourdough that, or Organic something or other.

Nope. It will be selling time.

Perhaps, the most important ingredient in bread.

And it’s what its competitors have taken out of it.

Progress, and a pursuit of better profits over better bread, has taken time from bread.

A simple basic like bread has a vital ingredient missing.

And sooner or later someone will put time back into bread.

So do we think apple is really selling iPads?

It is selling simplicity

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Yeah, who needs progress and profits when you can have retrogression and losses?

eating bread that isn't as good for you isn't progress, there never used to be fat in bread and now there is. and you can make profit from making a good product. people will pay for quality.

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