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1, Understand the importance of each penny spent.


We produce guides that make it easier to go and Do stuff. That is what we Do.

If we do it well, and by that I mean better than most, we will stay in business.


An important part of doing it well is making sure we keep our costs as low as we possibly can. In other words, we need to watch those pennies.  We need to spend each penny like it was the last one in our pocket. And we need to think long and hard about whether spending this money will bring more back to the company. If the answer is yes, then we should spend it. But if we are not sure, we should keep the penny safe in our pocket.


This should not be our mantra just for the early days; it should be our mantra for all the days. In the same way, you shouldn’t just brush your teeth well on the day you go to the dentist, but you should brush them well every day. (Guess whose been to the dentist today)


The good news is if we can be the masters of our costs, it will leave us more time and more money to work on making a great product. And making a great product is the best way I know of how to turn a penny into a pound.


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I just love your site, it’s filled with fresh and relevant articles and have a very nice eye catchy design! Some posts really helped me in my work, so thanks for that!!

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