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2, Like a tree, be happy to grow slowly.


What a business needs is a lot of patience. It needs to be given time to grow slowly so it can grow strong. We have to realise it can’t go straight from acorn to fully grown tree.


Most businesses are forced to grow more quickly than they would like because their costs are higher than they can afford, or they have taken on a lot of debt to start the business.


We know we have to keep our costs low and we will not take on debt to start the Do Book Co. Instead, we will raise money for working capital by selling shares in the company.


No loan to repay. No bank to answer to, just our customers and our shareholders.


And we will welcome debt into Do Book Co just like a tree would welcome a chainsaw.



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I just love your site, it’s filled with fresh and relevant articles and have a very nice eye catchy design! Some posts really helped me in my work, so thanks for that!!

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