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3, Don’t underestimate the importance of lady luck.

Even with a great product, a noble purpose, a new business model, a team that all want the same thing for the business, you need luck on your side too. It is an odd thing to write in a user manual, but without it a business can fail. However if the stars are shining on you, you can ride most storms. 

It is an important to know the difference between your talent/vision giving you a good result and where you just rode your luck for all its worth. We shouldn’t kid ourselves that we have all the answers. We don’t. We never will.

There are ways where you can garner good luck, like lucky charms or not walking under ladders. In my experience these can often prove to be unreliable.

The best way to try and get luck on your side is to work hard at what you love doing, be honest with people, keep your word, treat people with good manners, and sometimes do things for people without expecting anything in return.

The other aspect to this is to try and see where the market is going even if no one else can see it. Look at a thing that doesn’t exist yet. Or at least ask yourself the question what would happen if it did exist. If you can see the trend before others, you can use the prevailing wind to blow into your sails.

Seeing where the market is going before the rest of the market is a skill. This has little to do with luck.

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I ordered the book this morning off you guys with the added quilt kit!!!I will be busy wont I especially when the other son said he wants one too.Oh dear!!!The joys of it all.Look forward to starting it.Take care.

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