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It’s a ball. Throw it.


Hey you.

I’m a dog.

Your dog.

And this is a ball.

My ball.

Throw it. And I will go chase it.

Throw it again.

And, yup, I will go chase it again.

I am not complex.

I don’t do meetings.

I don’t have a laptop.

I won’t ever send or receive an email.

I have never heard of Google.

Like I said, I am not complex.

Eat. Sleep. Play. (Note, I reserve the right to change the order)

That’s it, simple huh.

So each time you throw the ball, it’s as much fun to me as the first time.

There are no diminishing returns here.

So stop what you are doing.

And just throw the bloody ball.

I’ll do the rest.

(i will be doing lots of my blogging at the do village - www.dolectures.com)


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Cutie doggy! They love it.. I also play with my dogs

I love to play dogs and i like it too...

Cute dog and poetry.

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