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7 business lessons I’ve learned whilst doing the guttering this weekend.



1, Water doesn’t roll up hill. Set your guttering up with that in mind.


(Get the basics of your business right from the start.)


2, Buy guttering that lasts. Quality will save you money and time in the long term.


(Only work with the best: people, tools, companies etc. Expensive really is cheaper.)


3, Don’t wait for the rain to come to make repairs


(Maintenance of your business/brand should become a daily habit.)


4, My strategy is to keep the water away from the buildings to stop them declining.


(Always be clear on your strategy and follow it through.)


5, The moss and the leaves will make good compost. And in turn, it will make good potatoes.


(How can your business close its loop?)


6, You get to know the buildings, the walls, the leaks, the problems just by climbing up a ladder to clean the gutters.


(It’s never bad to get your hands dirty. To get on the shop floor, to visit the factory, the showroom. You need to know your business from top to bottom.)


7, I didn’t set out to write this list. I set out to clean the gutters. But while I was doing it, my mind wandered.


(Ideas for your business will come to you mostly when you are away from it. Time off is good for you, your family and your business.)


 (I live on what used to be an old working farm. I am not a farmer or a handyman. But I am learning how to do a little bit of both.I am learning by doing.) 

David Hieatt


Lindab guttering is worth the extra money. Guaranteed for 25 years.







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Nicely done, David -- this resonates, especially as I have a bit of a thing about No. 7 at the moment. This and No 2 are so often undervalued by so many businesses.

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