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Alternative Temp Gauge.



 (As observed from the farm.)

 Minus 1 – Butter no longer needs to go in the fridge.

Minus 2 – Ponds freezes over.

Minus 3 –Mister Fox is still out and about.

Minus 4 –Handbrake freezes on the Fiat Multipla. (Always park it in gear.)

Minus 5 –Chickens give up all notion of ever laying eggs again.

Minus 6 –Outdoor tap cannot be turned on. (Even with the help of a housebrick)

Minus 7 –You can stand on the ponds without them cracking.

Minus 8 –No footprints of Mister Fox to be seen anywhere.

Minus 9 –Chickens stay inside. Ice can be seen on the sea. Salt is in short supply in the farm Co-op shop.

Minus 10 – Butter needs to be kept on the Aga.




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