david hieatt

“How to build a great brand with very little money”.


This is a ‘Do’ Day Course I will be doing in September.

David Hieatt is Co-founder of The Do Lectures. And founder of Hiut Denim Co. He has built companies with strong brands using some simple rules that anyone can use.


What you will learn?

How to tell your story?

How to give your brand a voice?

How to get people to love your brand?

The importance of 1000 true fans.

The real advantages of being small.

Is your idea going to change anything?

How to put a moat around your idea?

How to identify a niche before others?

The importance of being first.

How to fund it without losing control?

How to build a great team without employing anyone?


Sept 9th – 9am -5am


Price - £200

Limited to ten people.


Price includes – Great lunch with the best local ingredients. Wine.

Plus teas, coffees and snacks throughout the day etc.


Location: Cardigan, West Wales.

We will recommend places to stay, and supply directions etc
For more information: Email: [email protected]









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Will you be making some part of the course available online for those who cannot attend -- bound by time and space? The usual Do Lecture video. Cheers. // K

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Is there any chance that you will run this again or share some of it? I am sure there are a load of great businesses especially with small budgets that would really benefit from telling their story better, mine included!

Hi David. Just got your Hiut email this morning. Just want to say congrats and what an inspiration you've been to me. Though I'm working in the humanitarian sector, I've seriously thought about returning to work for my family's garment business because of your stories. Six generations and I can't see it go to waste -- or let it die a slow death at the hands of Chinese/Cambodia/Bangladeshi manufacturers. (It's a brutal economy.) Thanks again and keep it up.

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