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We have not bought howies back.

We’ve had endless emails, phone calls, text messages, direct messages congratulating us about getting howies back. But we are not part of the management team. Nor have we given any thought about buying it back since we left.

So who has bought it? Well, as much as we can gather from the town gossip, the guy Timberland hired to run howies has bought it with venture capital backing. What that means for its principles like organic cotton, the earth tax and its dream of being the lowest impact clothing company, I guess time will reveal the answers.

As for Clare and myself, we are just about to get our town making jeans again with our new company – The Hiut Denim Company.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to make something. When you pick up a roll of denim and watch it get turned into a pair of jeans, well, that’s where our hearts are now.

We can’t wait. Not long now.

All the best,

David and Clare.

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Wish you had bought it back. The ethics have been questionable since Ti
Berland bought Howies

oh yeah great now i can do it while i am in front of the computer sweet

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