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He’s done his 10,000 hours, Mr Gladwell.

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Getting the fit right on a pair of jeans is perhaps the most important

thing a jeans maker can do.


The difference between a great fitting jean and one that is sucky,

can be measured in a matter of millimetres.


That’s why cutting a pair of jeans from the cardboard pattern using a chalk and a single blade-cutting knife is an art.  It is where those millimetres can go missing.


And like all arts, it takes time to acquire.


Our cutter, at The Hiut Denim Co, has cut jeans for 38 years now. So in terms of hours, that is close to 80,000 hours.


Malcolm Gladwell wrote that to be considered a Grand Master at chess, you had to do 10,000 hours.


So I don’t know what that makes our cutter in terms of a title then, but I do know what it means for our customer: A great fitting jean.





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Take that Gladwell!

Would've been great to see the cutter in person or maybe this way myths are created... ;-)

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Never were truer words spoken. I've had some really terrible jeans that I've tried on lately...its just sad.

Looks great. What are the chances of getting hold of the pattern for a pair of Tom-Proof jeans in a 32" waist and getting them to make me a pair?

oh yeah great now i can do it while i am in front of the computer sweet

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