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Everyone has two films.



Imagine on your deathbed you were able to see two films of your life: One showed highlights of what you actually achieved. And then the other showed highlights of what you could have achieved with your ability, your talent, the opportunities that came your way etc. It would probably bring you to tears to know what else you could have done. The heights you could have climbed. The people you could have met. The races you could have run. The ideas you could have made happen. The change you could have made. If only when you had come to the edge, you hadn’t taken that step back to safety. If you had just kept going after failing that one time. If only you had believed in that crazy dumb idea enough to tell the world about it. Yes, if only you hadn’t, well, played so damn small. So that’s why we started The Do Lectures. To narrow the distance between the ‘Two Films’.

Do USA. Starts tomorrow. (Sept 20th-23rd) 


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Fantastic post!

Though I prefer to focus on the opportunities ahead, rather than the ones missed, the message is none the less powerful.

Right or wrong, I am constantly reminding myself about the deathbed conversation I will inevitably have where I can reflect on what I did with my life. I am working today to ensure I'm pleased with that conversation when it happens.

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I love The Lectures of your Two Films

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