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If you use Social Media, I urge you to sign up to this workshop. Money Ball changed baseball. Sam Bell is changing Social Media.

Here’s the deal. I thought I was pretty good at Social Media. Then Sam Bell came over for a month to help The Do Lectures, and I quickly learnt that I knew next to nothing. I was doing it. But what I wasn’t thinking.

I had no clear strategy. And, when I had great results, it was mostly down to luck. But what Sam has taught me has been invaluable, important and will help us for years to come.

I urge anyone who is involved anyone in the Social Media world to sign up to her Do Workshop in London. November 15th. 9.30am-5pm. More info on http://dolectures.com/do-workshops/

At the same time as Sam was over here, I was reading Money Ball. A book about thinking differently about baseball. Basically they had been measuring the wrong data for 70 years. And someone came along and said you are measuring the wrong thing. This data is the thing. This data determines the result. And that insight changed baseball.

That is what it felt when Sam started explaining how to be strategic about social media, how to think up a plan for growth, and how to execute on that plan. I was blown away. I had been working hard at it for years. But I had been working dumb on it for years. Then Boom, Sam explains her insights.

Sign up folks. It will pay you back for years to come.

It’s Money Ball for Social Media.

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