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Ideas are messy


Last week we tried something new.

The Do Lectures turned into something else for 72 hours.

It became a place to start ideas.It became a place of doing.

It was an experiment. And the experiment was to see if you could take ‘time’ out of the process of the starting new companies. Can we accelerate them?

Like anything when you try something new, there is resistance.

But you have to let the experiment take its journey: Judge it at then end, and not before it starts. And not even halfway through.

Over the 72 Hours I saw people pitching their ideas via Ipad’s on Facetime to some amazing business guru’s while standing in a field on the western edge of Wales.

I saw websites being built.

I saw hackers building working prototypes on the spot.

I saw logo’s being crafted.

I saw people lose confidence and then bounce right back. I saw groups come together and I saw them fall apart. I saw frustration and elation.

I saw ideas being pitched and funded there and then.

But what I really saw was a glimpse of what the future looks like. And it is exciting but it won’t be easy, simple or predictable.

Ideas are messy.

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