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Big companies have forgotten what its like to go to work in its underpants.

A start-up has the odds very much stacked against it.

But at the same time it has such incredible advantages that allow it to overcome them.

Yes, it’s under-funded. It’s almost a rights of passage. Apart from a computer, it has no infrastructure to speak of. No one knows they exist. They have no experience in what they are doing. They have never started something before.

But the things in its favour are enough for it to win.

First, they have a great idea. Sure, big companies have great ideas too, but a Start-Up amplifies the power of a great idea by making it happen fast.

A great idea executed at great speed has the power to disrupt entire industries because it launches the idea first. Being first matters when you are disrupting things. You get the most media coverage, but also you get the most funding and the most time to work on getting it right. You build a customer base quick. And your customers are already giving you feedback to get better.

“Your biggest rival is in his living room coding wearing just his underpants while eating his breakfast”

The speed comes from energy, passion but also being a tiny team. They have no legal department, they have no sales departments, they have no meetings, they have no office politics, they have no history of doing it in the same way, they have no memos, they have no bosses, they have no time for research, they have none of this. And all this is slow stuff.

Small teams make things happen faster. Boom.










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