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Why purpose matters? And why I am writing a book on it?



Do Purpose - Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more.

By me.

I have never had a strong desire to write a book. But that said I have spent the last decade writing about brands, business and things that have inspired me. The thing that all these businesses seemed to have in common was their desire to change something. They had a reason to make it happen. Something in their belly was driving them forward.

I have always been curious about why some people are so driven. I still don't know the answer. But what I am clear about is that these people know why they are doing it. And their purpose keeps them pushing, stops them from quiting and in the end, makes us fall in love with what they are changing. Because it is the change we want to see in the world too.

For me, purpose driven companies are the most interesting ones on the planet. So, I have written a book about it. But, I guess I have been writing it for the last 10 years without realising it.

Miranda from Do Book Co persuaded me people might be interested in reading it. (Time will tell if she is right on that one.) She has cleverly teamed up with the pioneers at Unbound, which I think is appropriate as they are in business to change the publishing industry. 

My ambition for the book is that it becomes one that you keep refering back to. I do this with Paul Arden's 'It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be'. And Yvon Chouirnard's 'Let my people go surfing'. If I get anywhere close to those two, I will be more than happy.

Here is a page from the chapter on Time.

Your time is limited. Remember that.

Each day you’re given 86,400 seconds from the ‘Time Bank’. Everyone is given the same. There are no exceptions. Once you make your withdrawal, you’re free to spend it as you want. The ‘Time Bank’ won’t tell you how to spend it. Time poorly spent will not replaced with more time. Time doesn’t do refunds. Time is your biggest gift. Indeed, it is more valuable than money as you can make more money, but not more time. But there is one simple truth: Your time is limited. And one day you will go to the bank and it won’t have anymore for you. And it will be at the exact moment, that you will know the answer to this simple question: Did I use my time well? Did I do what mattered most to me? Did I find my love? And did I pursue it like a wild hungry dog chasing a three legged rabbit?

You can click on the link for Unbound here, and make a pledge to get a special edition of the book. 


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