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To think different, do different.



Ideas come from putting odd things together. If your reference points are different to others, then guess what, your ideas are going to be different. To think different, do different, read different, travel different, eat different etc.

We stay interesting by stepping outside of our daily thing. We keep pushing; we leave what we know behind for a bit.

If you code, don’t go to a conference on coding.

If you design, don’t go to a design conference.

If you run startups, don’t go to a startup conference.

Velcro works like this: On one side is a series of hooks going in lots of random directions. On the other side is a series of loops going in lots of random directions. When a hook meets a loop, they connect. It is in the connection business. And if you are an ideas person, so are you.

If you input different, you will output different. That is why The Do Lectures has gone back to its normal theme this year: No theme.

It’s back to ‘Eclectic as hell’.

Do Lectures Wales.

June 05-08.

(Head west. 4 hours. Stop when you hit water) 


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