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Define your enemy.

Dark Wader

It doesn’t have to be another company. Maybe you need a bigger enemy than just another brand. It can be bad design. It can be time. It can be pollution. It can be ugliness. It can be bad service. It can be landfill. It can be complexity.

This will be your driver so pick your enemy well. This will become your purpose. Your fuel when you’re tired out. Your reason to keep going when others call it a day. It will be why your customer prefers you over all the others. This is your purpose. The thing that separates you from all the others.

The companies that you love today started out with no more money than others, they just had more energy*. Their energy came from how much they wanted to change things. They knew well from day one what their enemy was.

What is your enemy? 

*Purpose is the multiplier of energy.

Excerpt from Do Purose: Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more.


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