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Draw Three Circles.

Before you spend the next 10 years running a company, spend 10 minutes doing this.

Draw three circles with following tiltes:

Circle one: My Love

Circle two: My Skill

Circle three: The Zeitgeist

Where these three circles overlap, is where you’re most alive. If I were you, I would start a company that lives in this intersection. Because the chances of success are greater there. The chances of it making real change are greater. And the chance of it being more fun are greater there too.

My Love

Does it matter to you? Have you shown an interest in it from an early age?

My skill

What is it I am good at? And will this startup use my skills fully?

The Zeitgeist

What have you seen before all the others?

Note: A trend is the latest fashion, but it may just fade away. A zeitgeist is a shift that will stay shifted.

Excerpt from my new book: Do Purpose. Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more.


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