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What you make is what you stand for

Your beliefs have to show up in your product not just in your advertising.  If your marketing is where your beliefs are at their strongest, then you are kidding yourself, and more importantly, your customer.

There are lots of companies who fake it. They put some solar panels on their HQ roof, and ‘boom’ they call themselves a green company. Greenwash is common. Authenticity is not. Companies who stay true, who keep to their word, are rare. And that’s why we love them.

They are lunatics. They fight each day to keep doing business their way. They make sure their product is where their beliefs live. It is their beliefs in a physical form.

They don’t require advertising to convince you of their purpose, they use their product to do that.

Products with a purpose satisfy more than just its utility. They make us feel good about ourselves too.

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