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Answer a need: Yours.


There are probably lots of people out there like you. So if you have a need that no one is meeting, you may not be alone. Designing and making for yourself as the target market is no bad thing. You know the research groups are going to be quick, free and honest. So you can iterate quickly to get something that works.

The next thing is try it on close friends. If your product solves a need for them too, well, you know at that point you are on to something.

Blogger, Twitter, Vitamin Water and a bunch more products came about by answering the needs of the founders.

Your need is a good one to answer. It is valid. It is your insight. And it is good to be its biggest user, and the main target market for a while. Then once you’re happy with it, go see the rest of the world thinks.

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Yeah, It's really working advice - cheapest way to get answer about your product.

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