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Culture is a funny thing. You can't see it. But you sure know when it's not there.



Your company is only as strong as the people that work in it.

The people are only as strong the culture that exists within your company.

And the purpose of your company, its reason to exist, will define the culture.

Teams build a business. But culture builds a team. So your culture is pretty important.

Culture is a funny thing to talk about.

You can't see it.

You can't feel it.

But when it's not right, you can both see it and feel it.

Culture is not a big thing. Just lots of small things.

Patagonia let their people go surfing when the surf is good. At my Hiut Denim Co, every pair of jeans is signed by the GrandMasters who made them: All artists sign their work. At Nike, it created a group called the Ekins. They know Nike backwards. Some even had a Tattoo to show they were part of the elite.

When you define your purpose, it attracts like-minded people as a moth is attracted to light. So define it well.

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