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Most people leave companies via the window.


They do it while their day-dreaming out of the window of a more fun job. Once they find one, they take the more conventional way of leaving a company - the door. 

People don’t leave companies for money. They say they do. But they don’t.

They leave emotionally long before they leave physically. They leave because they are not valued, they are not being challenged or feel part of something that matters to them. A central plank to all this discontent is they have stopped learning.

It’s your job to create a learning culture that will keep them emotionally connected. You have to keep their hearts in the business. Training is the best way I know to do that.

And it isn’t just training to do their job better. That’s standard stuff. But you will need to go beyond that to get people engaged.

You will need to send them on courses, even if that course is unrelated to what they do with you. The best companies see the whole person, and not just the little segment that they do for you. 

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