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Business is complex. Sport is simple.


Running a startup can soon end up running you. While you're finding strategies to beat the other guys, you will also need to make sure you develope a strategy to look after you. 

That is why sport is important. Whatever you do, take time out. Whether it’s a run, a walk, a bike ride, or daily meditation. The brain needs some rest. Work the body, and while the body is so busy doing its stuff, the brain switches off. You feel fresher physically and mentally. Feel the burn of sport.

There are no emails to send, no bills to pay, no awkward people conversations. You are free*. Sport takes the stress of the day away and leaves it far behind.

*Free with every run, every bike ride, every swim: You.

More info on my Do brand workshop - Wales. Oct 17th.

More info on my Do brand workshop - London. Dec 5th.

My new book: Do Purpose. Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more.  

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