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Find the others.

25 Mile Farm Suppers

I used to think networking was some kind of dirty word.

But, I was wrong.

If you can 'find the others' who are are trying change the world, it will help you just to be around them.

They will help with optimism, with belief, and with contacts who be able to help you. They will share problems, and answers to similar issues to what you will face. What industry they are in doesn't matter as much as how they view the world. And what they think it could be.

You need to hang out with them. Learn from them. Argue with them. Drink with them. Dance with them. Sit around a fire with them till dawn.

I have been doing my workshop for quite a while now, but it took me quite a while to figure out that that the real importance of it was the small network it creates. Fellow crazies. 

Tara Lemmey said it best at Do USA 'People who want to change the world need to hang out with people who want to change the world'.

One of your jobs as an entrepreneur is to 'find the others' who want to create as much change as you do.

Go 'Find the others'.  

My Next Do Workshop -How to build a great brand with very little money'. March 6th Wales. 

My workshop in London April 24th.

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