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Work for Nothing. But work for something.



Sometimes the best way to start something is to keep your day job, and start it as a side project. I have some experience of this. I started howies from our spare bedroom in 1995. In 2001 we got our first salary cheque. I started The Do Lectures back in 2007. Neither Clare nor myself have taken any salary from it. Sometimes in order to get something off the ground, that is what has to be done. You can’t do that forever, I know. But it sure is one way to start. 99% of all businesses fail because they never start.

For me, The Do Lectures matters. There is something amazing about this informal community of optimists. It’s like a support-network for ideas and ideas people. 

I have no doubt The Do lectures has changed my life. The people I have met have changed my view the world. And I count myself lucky to be involved. I have made friends with some incredible people.

A labour of love does require you to love it. It’s no chore for me to do all the mundane stuff. I love doing the hoover on Tuesday morning. I love making the fire. I love cleaning the coffee cups. I see the magic of it still.

I believe The Do Lectures is one of the best events in the world of its kind. Not the biggest, but so special. And I am super proud of it. The Do has given me far more than I have ever given to it. I am lucky.

Working for something that matters to you is the best reward of all.

My Next Do Workshop -How to build a great brand with very little money'. March 6th Wales.

 My Book. Do Purpose. Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more'. 




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Thank you for your labour of love. You guys have indeed created something special.

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