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Dear Wales, don't play small.



I don’t think we lack talent in Wales. I don’t think we lack a good work ethic. What I believe we lack is a belief in ourselves. In our ideas. And so we don’t pursue them. And we don’t make our ideas happen.

We make the assumption, and it’s a mistaken one, that other people are smarter than us. And if we tell ourselves that lie enough, it becomes a truth. We start to believe it; we start to live that out in real life.

But it’s a truth that other people do have more belief than us. They have more confidence than us. And it’s the job of parents to change that. It’s the job of schools, that breeding ground of inferiority, to change that. It’s the job of well-seasoned entrepreneurs to take a startup under they wings, just to tell them they can fly.

I love how we are humble as a set of people. We don’t like big heads. We don’t like arrogance. But believing in ourselves, in our ideas is neither of those two things.

We must learn that self-belief is a beautiful thing. It’s as beautiful as Welsh National Anthem being sung before the game today. Every bit.

If it’s too late for our generation to change our mind-sets, then lets make sure the generation below us don’t make the same mistake.  It will be our job to tell them these words: That no one is smarter than them.

Our ideas are as good as any ones. Our spirit is of a warrior. We are a small giant. And it’s time to realise what is the most possible for us.

The biggest waste in Wales is the dreams of our young entrepreneurs when they fail to fulfil their potential. Our biggest gift to our children isn’t an iPhone; it is to tell them their ideas can change the world.

When they fail to start because they fail to believe in themselves, we all lose.

Don’t play small.

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