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Digital needs Analogue.

2015-01-02 14.53.12

Recently we sent out our first paper mailer at Hiut.

It was designed by Nick Hand. The illustrations were by a young talent.

It was printed on Nick Hands letter press. Less young talent.

We hand folded them. We hand stamped Hiut on each envelope. We put each address on. We even de-duped by going through each pile.

In a digital world, isn’t all this just a pain in the ass? For sure, it took us some time. And the late nights by the team just sticking labels on to envelopes has been something. (Thanks Naomi, thanks Rob)

But something tells me that digital needs analogue.

Now and again we just need something to arrive on our doormat that we look forward to opening.

Print is still magic.

It smells. I have never smelt an email.

It feels good. I have never stroked an email.

People collect great print. I don’t know anyone who collects emails. Well, not on purpose.

I know the importance of Digital. I am building Hiut Denim Co by learning how to use these powerful digital tools. And am loving the learning.

But something tells me that they both need each other. Yup, Digital needs Analogue.

Like your right leg needs your left one.

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