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What is your Multiplier?

The Multiplier is a theory that small actions can give you big results, if you find what your multiplier is? The multiplier enables David to beat Goliath. It enables you to maximise your day. It helps you get much more done than others.

The Multiplier doesn’t rely on out-spending anyone or working longer hours than others either, but stems from learning to use your energy, your time, your insights and your ideas to their full potential.

Take the example of your energy as a Multiplier. How do you look after it? How do you increase it? How do you maintain it over the long-term in? Sleep is a Multiplier to your energy. A long-lasting one. Coffee is a temporary one. So what can you do to sleep better? What are the tricks and the techniques to get you a good night sleep?

Also, you need to understand what robs you of energy: Stress and worry are great stealers of energy. They act as the opposite of the Multiplier. And so, learning how to manage them is important.

Exercise, although uses a great deal of energy, gives you energy. Exercise is a Multiplier. It also puts stress and worry in its rightful place. It provides context to them. So therefore lessens them.

Multipliers are all around us. And lots of them are free. Take trust. That comes without a price tag. If you are building a team, and if you build it with trust, then it can fly. Yes, you will pay more attention when you hire. And that is no bad thing.

One example, there are no contracts between Do USA, Do Australia and The Do Lectures Wales. It’s a loose network bound together by trust. Again, it is stronger for it. Tina, (aka @swissmiss) said it best: Trust breeds magic. The golden rule here is find the right people, and when you do, trust them. Let them fly. Don’t clip their wings.

And the notion of a Multiplier can be used in business too. I am building Hiut Denim Co, and my aim is to get 400 people their jobs back. Far from easy. Far from impossible, too. I need to tell the world we are here. And I have no money for marketing. The good thing is the tools to tell the world are mostly free.

One of them is Instagram. How do you get to be big on Instagram? Well, being first is one sure way to achieve that. Hiut Denim Co, was not first. So we missed that Multiplier. So we have to find other ways to stand out, and therefore grow. Again, you have to understand the tools you are using. Instagram is 95% based on beauty. Beautiful photo after beautiful photo. Stunning. Can we stand out by trying to out-beauty them? I don’t think so. So our insight was to combine beauty plus ideas. We love ideas. We love writing. So we conducted a simple experiment.

We had an idea to make a black frame and get people jumping in it to show off the flexibility of the Tech Jean. We cut some wood, painted the frame black. And bought some bolts. It cost around £20. And then Jim Marsden took a photograph of it when he was down. Then we posted it. It became our single most liked photo on Instagram. It showed us that beauty + ideas was the way for us to stand out. That was the Multiplier for us. No more energy expended, but a far greater result.

Mark Shayler and I are going to conduct a number of experiments over the next couple of months in order to see if there is anything in the Multiplier. They will be experiments on sleep, diet, exercise and much more.

A bit of fun. And, hopefully, lots of insights on how to achieve more without out-spending anyone or staying up all night working either.

Always be experimenting.

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awesome post. those who exercise are the only ones who understand that it can give you energy. yes it is a crazy notion, but its so true. I also find that it can help my get a good nights sleep.

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