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Why I get asked about a 20 year old T-shirt?


The other week I found myself in Lisbon at Monocles Quality of Life Conference. I can recommend both wholeheartedly. I had a great time.

Anyway, I was at brunch on the Sunday with everyone saying goodbye to people they had just got to know.  Then I started to chat to someone. It turns out they worked at Airbnb. I had briefly met one of the founders the previous night, so I figured a team of them was there. I was right. I soon got introduced to a couple of more.

One of them wanted to show me a bag he had designed. It was pretty cool. The material was tough. It was 4 times stronger than Kevlar. (Or so I remember). It was designed to hold a million dollars. But there was a smaller one that would hold ½ million dollars. I told him I loved the idea. It was remarkable. By that I meant I would go and remark upon it, as I am doing here.

After he showed me his bag, I was standing there thinking wow, that is cool. Then he asked me a question: Did I really do the shoplifter T-shirt? A T-shirt that set off the shop alarms. A T-shirt that got banned by the Police.  A T-shirt that was done over 20 years ago.

Ideas that get remarked upon are powerful.  They tell stories. They become myths. They don’t get forgotten.

The Do Lectures. Remarkable stories from remarkable people.

Do Wales. June 4th-7th.


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