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At Hiut Denim Co, we are learning to Vlog.

We are learning by making one each day.

This is day 3. Young Huw is shooting, editing and re-shooting all on the fly.

He is super keen. But right now, not super experienced.

And yes, there are some very, very good Vloggers out there.

So why bother unless you can be better than them, right?

Just look at Casey Neistat. He is on fire at the moment.

Ze Frank posts rarely post these days. But, when he does, it’s pure gold.

And those Jack’s gap twins, oh boy they are doing great vlogs too.

But I am guessing they didn’t start out as good as they are now.

I reckon they got that good because they weren’t frightened to suck.

They just did lots. Learnt. Did some more. Learnt some again. And overtime, they got good. Great, even.

The downside of perfection is it stops you from being prepared to suck for a bit. And that means you will never get to learn what you need to be great at something. Perfection is a curse in that way.

Bill Withers said it best: You can’t get to wonderful without going through alright.

But when you see ‘Alright’, tell it that you are just passing through.

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