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It takes time to build something great. It takes relentless energy too.
Come monday morning 5.50am my alarm goes off, and the week begins. And my energy goes toward pushing forward my labours of love: The Hiut Denim Co and The Do Lectures. It helps I love them deeply, they matter to me.
Having a purpose is a multiplier of energy. It drive me forward. I know why. I don't go home at night and think to myself 'What the hell am I doing?'
I try to look after my energy in other ways too. I run. I do yoga. I do pilates. I meditate. I don't drink in the week. I eat early. I get to bed early. My commute into work takes 2 minutes.
I build teams on trust. I hire passion. I can train skills, but have had no luck training people to care when they are not into it. So I don't waste my energy doing that.
I believe the obstacles we face make us better. Once you understand that, it can change how you look at everything. You no longer see failure or a setback in the same light again. Use your energy to change the future, not the past.
There are plenty of distractions out there than can steal your energy. From the internet to someone who has upset you. You have to learn to block both out. You can't give them your energy.
Your energy is limited. And you have to use it to take you forward.

The Do Lectures. Remarkable stories from remarkable people.

Do Wales. June 4th-7th.www.thedolectures.co.uk

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David, I think you've just spoken to one of the biggest leadership snares that exists: maintaining employee engagement. The odds of hiring and keeping of a pretty powerful team would almost organically soar if leadership is seeking the right ingredients. It's the ability to spot those with your shared passion, not a preloaded set of niche skillsets that's key.
**Loud foghorn addendum: All of the above is wasted, unless good work is regularly applauded and rewarded!

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