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Your weakness could be your Strength


Here are some weaknesses of the iconic Do Lectures Wales:

1, It is hard to get to. It takes place on the far western edge of Wales.

2, The Wifi is woeful.

3, It lasts for 3 days. And 3 nights.

4, 150 people is its limit.

5, You have to camp.

Here are some strengths:

1, As it takes so long to get to, speakers stay for the entire time.

2, People have to put their phones down and talk to each other.

3, First day, awkward. Second day, ice broken. Third night, 4 am camp fire pals..

4, You get to talk to everyone. 

5, You go home smelling of wood smoke. And are proud of the fact.


The Do Lectures. Remarkable stories from remarkable people.

Do Wales. June 4th-7th.www.thedolectures.co.uk

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