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My notes from my visit to LA.

I use an app on my phone called Clear.  It’s super simple. I make all my notes on it, from what I read, from what I hear, then I go back to it and use what I have learnt. Keeping notes is good. The brain is for thinking, not remembering all the stuff you have seen or heard. Here’s what I wrote down on my trip to LA.


Guy Webster has new book out. Met him at Do USA. Top human and photographer.


If you love simple but beautiful design for your house, Tom Kundig is a top talent.


This documentary by Louie Psihoyo’s comes out Sept 18th. It is a hidden camera look at the mass extinction of animals and our fish. He also did the Cove documentary.


Rashida Jones guide to happiness at work.


Like discovering a new friend, these books take a deep dive into some great brands.


Comparison between one way of doing it, and a newer way of doing it. Clever.


Climbers are different. They just are.


Amazing community in Northern California that stands for great design and looking after the environment.


Skateboarding in California between 1975-78. Seminal time.


Podcast from the people are doing it.


A podcast about ideas and curiosity.


This American Life. America’s most popular podcast.


Instagram feed of radavist. If you like bikes, this will be for you.


A housing trust that is getting people off the streets of LA. Innovative. And truly inspiring. My notes from the tour: Average age 52. Housing first: Strategy to solving the problem. A homeless person costs government $100,000. Housing them automatically saves $40,000. “You don’t have a lot because you can’t carry it.” Every system has failed them: School, family, government, friends etc. Permanent supportive housing is what they supply. 6000 people within 50 blocks of here are sleeping on the streets. 


Avery Dennison are leading the way. The stuff they showed me that they are thinking about is truly pioneering.


Bringing old denim back to life.


Getting fit with your community.


Building a bike company through humour and great design.


Startup to watch:

Omata. I met with Rhys and Julian in Venice Beach. If you like bikes, great design, and great utility, you are going to love what they are about to launch.

Place I wish I ate at:

N/Naka, by Niki Nakayama. Watch her on Chefs table on Netflix.



Bike Gang culture in LA.


Blue Bottle Coffee. Beautiful coffee shops. And the coffee is insane.


Inspiring. Using coffee for change.


Le Pain Quodtidien. Belgium company. Downtown LA. Great breakfast.


Uber. Not used it before. Not much demand in Cardigan. Technology is pretty amazing. See the car come around the corner.


A visit to The Southern California Institute of Architecture is well worth it. Oh my, robots, 3 d printers, kids skateboarding down the corridors.


How to Build a great brand with very little money. Sept 11th. London.

How to build a great brand with very little money. Sept 23, 24. New York

My Book: Do Purpose.








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