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Purpose makes you strong.


It supplies your inner drive. It fuels innovation. It finds you your best people. It keeps them with you when other companies come poaching. They will.

It keeps you staying true, when it would be easy to compromise. It stops you from quitting, when times get tough. And, they will.

Purpose gives you a reason to fight like you have never fought before. And to keep on fighting. With everything you have. Nothing spared.

The kid in the school yard that you shouldn’t fight is the one you have insulted his mother. He knows why he is going to kick your ass. And if you beat him this time, he will just keep coming back. He is fighting for something much bigger than himself. Truly.

For me the most important companies in the world, change something. They know what they are fighting for, and they fight. Apple fought on behalf on behalf of simplicity, and complexity was the enemy. Patagonia is fighting for the planet, and we are grateful they continue to do so.

The reason purpose gives you a steel backbone is because the goal is bigger than yourself, you are fighting for something far bigger than just your self-interest.

If you are sitting there right now, and think your purpose is to increase market share, or to become number 1 in this or that market. Those are just numbers. Nobody gets remembered for numbers.

Your biggest gift you have been given is the chance to make a change, to use your company to make a difference. To look back and say, that is what I did. On your death-bed, you will not be thinking of numbers.

Use your gift. Go and make some change happen.

How to Build A Great Brand With Very Little Money. London. Nov 20th.

My Book: Do Purpose.

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