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Maybe the way you always do it is wrong.



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Two years ago I tried to update my Typepad blog with a card, it just wouldn't work

So, I got busy. I tried again, and no matter what card I used, I couldn't get it to work.

Just now, I tried it, and it worked fine.

What was I doing wrong? Don't know. But I was doing something wrong, but I kept on doing it.

The result was I didn't write a blog for two years.

Another example was some mornings I would bake some eggs for my daughter.

I would use baking paper so the eggs wouldn't stick to the dish.

They would always stick.

Then I run out. I tired to buy some more, but I bought the wrong one.

I got parchment paper.

I thought about sending it back.

Then i tried it. And it didn't stick.

I was stuck using a way that didn't work.

There is saying about walking in dumb each day.

It is a mindset that gets you to question about why you are doing it that way.

Especially, if it ain't working.

But even when it is working.

But could work even better.











Learning’s from the chicken shed.

(Number 23 -Reputation.)


You can feed and water them every morning without fail for a decade or more.


But if you don’t show up just one time, that is what they will remember.


Chickens are like humans in that way, they tend to remember the time you let them down.


So when it comes to reputation, it’s good to remember how hard you have to work to get it 

and how easy it is to lose it. 


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