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Maybe the way you always do it is wrong.



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Two years ago I tried to update my Typepad blog with a card, it just wouldn't work

So, I got busy. I tried again, and no matter what card I used, I couldn't get it to work.

Just now, I tried it, and it worked fine.

What was I doing wrong? Don't know. But I was doing something wrong, but I kept on doing it.

The result was I didn't write a blog for two years.

Another example was some mornings I would bake some eggs for my daughter.

I would use baking paper so the eggs wouldn't stick to the dish.

They would always stick.

Then I run out. I tired to buy some more, but I bought the wrong one.

I got parchment paper.

I thought about sending it back.

Then i tried it. And it didn't stick.

I was stuck using a way that didn't work.

There is saying about walking in dumb each day.

It is a mindset that gets you to question about why you are doing it that way.

Especially, if it ain't working.

But even when it is working.

But could work even better.











Build it and they will come.


If you do something you love, it will show.

People will see it, feel it, sense it.

They will touch your product and something in it will touch them too

They will feel your devotion.

Your obsession.

Its honesty.

They will come.

Go build.

Do one thing well

It doesn’t sound much, does it?

But how many coffee shops have you been to that can’t make a cup of coffee? 

How many plumbers have you had who weren't much good at being plumbers?

And how many times have you bought something and thought 'I'll never buy that again'.

Yup,to do one thing well can take a lifetime to learn. 

Even making a simple loaf of bread can take ten years to master.

But the rewarding thing about business is that if you can do one thing 

well, it will be enough to keep you in business. 

So choose your thing carefully.

Find your love.

Find the thing you think you can shine at. 

Then work at it. 

And be prepared to keep working at it. 

Hone it. Push it. Master it. 

And in time you can say that you do that one thing well.

Evan Williams describes it as being narrow.

Google didn’t try do everything well. 

They did less. 

But they did it better. 

It had less on its search engine than others, but did it faster and more


Less is a good master.


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